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Inspired by the old-school Rougelikes where you make your way through randomised dungeons for loot and fame, Birthstone brings takes you into multiple series of dungeons full of monsters and traps.

Unlike most other roguelikes, Birthstone takes survival to a new level with more than death round the corner. From going insane to unleashing a parasite to slowly devour the levels you have visited and want to visit again. You may see a virus in a potion laying innocently on the ground ready to be drunk by a unwary adventurer.


You "Win" by reaching the end of the epic amount of levels through each of the multiple dungeons defeating bosses as you go, you will be then submitted to your personal leader board adding a local competitive touch.


It is not as easy as making your way from the entrance to the exit of the dungeon floor, you will descend deeper and deeper into the bowels of the dungeon with enemy's growing more difficult, and with no "health regain" you may find your way heading up floors with a key you found as well as with little health to a locked room you found at one point but did not have a key for, just to get a potion to give you a little boost of health ready for the next enemy.

Features :

Birthstone plans to have a massive amount of procedural content including : Monsters, Lore, Floors, Bosses, Magic, Events & More! Hardcore Only so when you get killed, you start from square one. Birthstone will hopefully have modding support, but this feature if implemented will be much further down the line in development. The goal of birthstone is to give the player a unique experience that will only last for that one run to keep the player on edge.

Development :

Birthstones development has only one member, meaning i am currently working on Birthstone alone (For now) I will be looking for a team, but as it stands I am not in the financial position to hire for team members.


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Mana potions replenish health instead!